Are you really what you eat?

Are you really what you eat. I was just thinking about this today. It just the beginning of our growing season here in the south. Our indoor growing season that is! Our family loves our vegetable garden.

Trying to get yourself or your family to eat healthier? Start a garden. The garden can be in a pot or an above ground garden. They are easy to make. Just make a square out of four pieces of cedar wood. They can even cut it for you at home depot or lowes. Fill it with dirt and you’re ready to plant. We buy starter trays. They are mini green houses that allow you to start growing seeds indoors. You transplant them into your garden when they are big enough. It’s very easy!

The vegetables and fruits that we buy from the grocery store are loaded with pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Whatever you eat gets broken down and used to create new cells that are YOU! So you see you really are what you eat. Muscle cells made from a diet of pizza and soda aren’t the same quality as those made from pasta, chicken, fish and vegetables. This can affect your health.

Try growing some of your own vegetables. It is great fun and you can teach your family and friends to live a healthier lifestyle. By the way, watch out for store strawberries. They have some of the highest pesticide counts of all fruits. Buying organic is preferred and does cost more. A great rule of thumb is to buy organic for the items you eat the most of. You’ll be off to a good start.

A note about children:
Kids will eat what they grow. You want to be well rounded in life and diet. If your a picky eater, it’s time to get over it :)! Picky eating kids, usually come from picky eating parents. How would you know what you liked if you hadn’t tried it in the first place? Try a new fruit or vegetable each week! What part of the chicken is the McNugget anyway :)?

Have a great garden!
Dr. Rob

Have a Small Funeral!

I just read an article about Whitney Houston and her funeral. We focus so much on the mistakes that are made during life that often our accomplishments are overlooked. You will fail many more times in life than you succeed. Thomas Edison did 9000 experiments before he discovered the light bulb. Michael Jordan was even cut from his high school basketball team!

So I say have a mini funeral for yourself before you go to bed. Sure, you made mistakes today. Maybe you could have done more. Maybe you could have made better decisions. At the end of the day, it’s time to live with your decisions. Have a mini funeral for today’s mistakes and put them to rest. Tomorrow is a brand new day. When you wake up, you will have a clean slate!

Yes, you will make mistakes today. Cut yourself some slack and push forward without mistakes from the past weighting you down! There is nothing you can do about the past. Someone once told me not to worry about things that are out of your control. Good advice!

Be successful today!

Dr. Robert Simmons

Nutrition in schools?

There sure is a firestorm about the kids lunches at school. The First Lady is on a mission to get kids to eat healthier. There seems to be an argument about the government controlling the diets that kids are getting in school. It is being said that the parents should be responsible for that. I can’t agree more.

The child obesity rate is around 17% for teens and it is increasing. The problem is that parents have no ability to influence the school cafeteria. Go into the cafeteria and try it sometime :). They are serving high fat and high calorie foods. There is ice cream, milkshakes, Mac and cheese, burgers and the list goes on.

The proposals are to get more fruits, vegetables and whole grains in the school diets. There are some children for whom that is their only meal. Many children who are in schools are actually homeless. School buses actually have pick-ups at homeless shelters. I say give them a healthy meal option while they are in school.

That’s my two cents anyway :)!
Dr. Robert Simmons

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

Ever watch the food revolution tv show? It is about a chef trying to get people to eat healthy in America. Boy has he got his hands full. He was trying to get into the Los Angeles schools. They actually banned him from looking into the cafeteria in a public school. The look on the school boards faces were priceless. Rigid and not open to change. They didn’t care what he said at the public board meetings.

Make sure that you are open to change and new ideas. Everyone can learn every day, especially about topics like exercise and nutrition. The are new studies being done everyday, so it is important to be open to the latest developments. Pack your kids lunch. It is cheaper and healthier! It may take more time, but they are worth it!

Live Healthy!
Dr. Robert Simmons