How to use Kcups in Keurig Vue

Want to use Kcups in the new Keurig vue? Read on, I did some McGuyvering!

What you’ll need. An empty vue cup. Your favorite flavor Kcup. Something to make a hole. I used a wooden scewer used for cooking.


Next…..just poke a hole near the bottom of the Kcup. Just make sure the hole is below the filter inside the Kcup.


Next, put the Kcup into the empty vue cup. IMPORTANT…make sure the hole you made lines up with the little spout on the vue cup. This will direct the flow of coffee when brewing. Give the Kcup a firm push to seat it. No big deal though. Just keeps it from flipping down in the coffee machine.


Now just put the whole creation into the coffee machine and brew as usual. The picture below is what is looks like AFTER brewing! Enjoy!


18 thoughts on “How to use Kcups in Keurig Vue

  1. This is GREAT! I was going to run out of my vue packs that I wasn’t completely in love with anyway… I checked to see if my store had any vue cups, but to no avail… Only K-Cups. I was thinking I needed to return the machine due to the unavailability of the vue pack and limited favors! I will try this as my last resort! Thank you!!!

    • We do keep two empty vue cups to use. One regular size and the other one is the vue travel mug size cups for the taller k-cups. You’ll notice that they have travel mug vue flavors, it’s in the description on their website. They are taller than the regular vue cups. Just made some Kahlua from Kcups this morning. Hope this was helpful!

  2. Has anyone tried to do a frother cup? I will try the k-cup first but if anyone has a suggestion for the frother that would be great!

  3. 1) need to use LARGE Vue cup (ie. travel mug size)
    2) works OK as is, But: slip a small rubber band (purple veggie band) up to
    the top of the K-cup before inserting in the large Vue cup. Acts as an extra seal during brew. I found an “O” ring that fits well. Simply want to use up old K-cups!

  4. The San Francisco Bay coffee single serves work fine in an empty vue cup without having to puncture anything. Just be careful when you open the vue up to remove it….it starts to fall out. But no sweat. And their brand is much cheaper than the vue or k cups.

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  6. i bought the as seen on tv cafe cups, 4 filters for 10 bucks. grind the bottom down just enough for it to fit in. use the travel mug size vue and put the filter in it, works great! no coffee grinds because the whole things is a filter!

  7. i think you can reuse empty vue cups using your own grounds and possibly loose tea: clean and dry them. then fill with your own coffee grounds and cover with a square of foil. looked it up on youtube.

  8. I called directly to the company and they are going to come out with an adapter for the vue but it is still hard to get different coffees for this machine. So glad someone figured out a way to use regular K-cups in the Vue. Thanks.

  9. If you can get hold of a regular sized Vue cup, you can easily make your own re-usable Vue cup. First, use and/or just remove the foil top from the Vue cup and discard. Next, take a cone filter and fill with about 2 tablespoons of your favourite grind. Now, fold the cone filter first from the sides, then fold down from the top. You should now have a tightly contained filter of coffee. Place this into the cup, pushing down to make it tight and flat with the top edge. This is key to making it work – too loose and the unit will not penetrate into the cup. Close it down and enjoy !! Makes a perfect brew every time!!

  10. This is wonderful, thank you! After working with this for a while, I have two refinements.

    #1 – in order to use the full range of K-Cups including the “overstuffed” ones from certain roasteries, you must use a Travel Size Vue cup. Using a regular one, you have to really squish the Kcup and that can lead to messy, watery results.

    #2 – Secure the K-Cup in place with a strip of tape that runs from side to side and covers the place where the Vue needle will pierce the top. If you do not do this, sometimes the K-Cup will tip out and make a mess, and you will also see grinds in the cup, The tape adaptation eliminates both problems.

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