Are you really what you eat?

Are you really what you eat. I was just thinking about this today. It just the beginning of our growing season here in the south. Our indoor growing season that is! Our family loves our vegetable garden.

Trying to get yourself or your family to eat healthier? Start a garden. The garden can be in a pot or an above ground garden. They are easy to make. Just make a square out of four pieces of cedar wood. They can even cut it for you at home depot or lowes. Fill it with dirt and you’re ready to plant. We buy starter trays. They are mini green houses that allow you to start growing seeds indoors. You transplant them into your garden when they are big enough. It’s very easy!

The vegetables and fruits that we buy from the grocery store are loaded with pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Whatever you eat gets broken down and used to create new cells that are YOU! So you see you really are what you eat. Muscle cells made from a diet of pizza and soda aren’t the same quality as those made from pasta, chicken, fish and vegetables. This can affect your health.

Try growing some of your own vegetables. It is great fun and you can teach your family and friends to live a healthier lifestyle. By the way, watch out for store strawberries. They have some of the highest pesticide counts of all fruits. Buying organic is preferred and does cost more. A great rule of thumb is to buy organic for the items you eat the most of. You’ll be off to a good start.

A note about children:
Kids will eat what they grow. You want to be well rounded in life and diet. If your a picky eater, it’s time to get over it :)! Picky eating kids, usually come from picky eating parents. How would you know what you liked if you hadn’t tried it in the first place? Try a new fruit or vegetable each week! What part of the chicken is the McNugget anyway :)?

Have a great garden!
Dr. Rob