Cell phones and your posture

They had a great segment on CBS morning show today. An Orthopedist was showing how cell phones are ruining people’s posture. We have noticed that in our office, since we use a computerized exam to evaluate posture. As people are spending more and more time on smart phones, their necks are moving forward and to the side. This is due to the way they hold the phone.

Forward neck posture increases the strain on the neck and shoulders. This also decreases the curve in the neck (cervical spine). I have even seen some patients that have reverse curves in the neck! Over time the trapezius muscles stretch and the front neck muscles can shorten. This makes it more difficult to correct forward head posture.

This is in fact a spinal injury and will usually take some time to correct. Generally, this condition is very treatable, but if let go for too long degenerative changes can occur. A combination of spinal adjustments, postural re-training, supplements and exercises are the standard treatment at our office. You can get more information about www.posturecheck.com.

Remember structure is function!
Dr. Robert Simmons