Nutrition in schools?

There sure is a firestorm about the kids lunches at school. The First Lady is on a mission to get kids to eat healthier. There seems to be an argument about the government controlling the diets that kids are getting in school. It is being said that the parents should be responsible for that. I can’t agree more.

The child obesity rate is around 17% for teens and it is increasing. The problem is that parents have no ability to influence the school cafeteria. Go into the cafeteria and try it sometime :). They are serving high fat and high calorie foods. There is ice cream, milkshakes, Mac and cheese, burgers and the list goes on.

The proposals are to get more fruits, vegetables and whole grains in the school diets. There are some children for whom that is their only meal. Many children who are in schools are actually homeless. School buses actually have pick-ups at homeless shelters. I say give them a healthy meal option while they are in school.

That’s my two cents anyway :)!
Dr. Robert Simmons