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Our charlotte chiropractic office uses both dynamic healthcare and static chiropractic healthcare approaches.  We must start by defining what dynamic chiropractic health care is.  According to random house dictionary, dynamic is of or pertaining to force or energy related to motion.  In this area we address the parts of your body related to motion. 


From our perspective we want to evaluate the area of your body that effect motion.  These are specific tests that affect your ability to move through a complete range of motion.  The first step is to measure your range of motion using video range of motion.  Digital photos are taken of various movements.  They are then evaluated by computer to compare your range of motion to the guidelines of the American Medical Association. (AMA). 


In this dynamic chiropractic healthcare evaluation we are able to determine the cause of any lack of motion and what will be necessary to correct it.  Reflex testing is also utilized in order to strengthen different areas.  We use a technique called Applied Kinesiology.  Stretching exercises may also be employed to further increase a decreased angle of motion. 


Static chiropractic healthcare is from a different perspective.  Static refers to objects at rest or in equilibrium.  This area is evaluated using our computerized postural exam.  Digital photos are taken of a person’s posture and evaluated by computer.  This information gives us a static view, that is, the patient is standing at rest.


The computerized postural exam allows us to see how forces are being distributed throughout your body.  For example, a forward head posture can cause strain in the low back area due to it being overloaded by stress.  An unleveled reading when comparing the shoulders could be an indicator of scoliosis.  Correcting bad posture helps to reduce the stress on your entire body.


As you can see, our charlotte clinic uses both dynamic chiropractic healthcare and static chiropractic healthcare approaches.  Through the use of chiropractic adjustments, postural re-training, nutrition, exercises and stretching movements we are able to help restore your health.


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